Our nitrogen producing microbial product, Pivot Bio PROVEN®, is applied in-furrow at the time of planting. As the seed germinates and roots grow, Pivot Bio PROVEN® microbes adhere to the epidermis of the roots, forming a mutualistic relationship with the plant. The microbes feed off the exudates of the plant and delivers nitrogen daily throughout its growth cycle. 

Managing soil fertility is important, and nitrogen is a critical nutrient in crop production, especially in corn. With synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, unpredictable weather and other environmental factors can prevent up to half of the nitrogen applied from being efficiently used by plants.

Pivot Bio addresses the nutrient absorption issue through its naturally-occurring microbes that deliver nitrogen in a timely and efficient manner through biological nitrogen fixation — resulting in more productive and predictable crop yields for farmers without nutrient degradation, leaching, or runoff into waterways.

2021-04-02 20:51