Don’t call it a comeback. America’s corn farmers took some hits in 2020. A record 30 named hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard. Aggressive wildfires ravaged parts of the western United States. A derecho devastated cropland from Iowa to New Jersey. A global pandemic impacted Americans in rural and urban areas alike. Despite what felt like taking body work from a heavyweight, America’s corn farmers ducked, faded, bobbed and weaved to success. They rolled with the punches. As the bell rang on 2020 America’s farmers won by a knockout. Truly champions, they stared down adversity, producing a healthy crop to sustainably feed and fuel the world. Take a minute to roll the footage back. America’s farmers may have been on the ropes, but these underdogs go toe-to-toe year-after-year and emerge victorious.

2021-04-02 19:40